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“Hating Habermas: On Exhibitionism, Shame & the Life on the Actually Existing Internet.” Either/And: New Theories of Exhibitionism & Display. British Media Museum. 2014.

“From Personal Property to Speaking Citizen: Youth, Microcelebrity, and Credit in an Attention Economy." Berkman Center, Harvard University. Publius Series: Spring 2010.

Encyclopedia of New Media (Steve Jones, ed., New York: Sage, 2003.) Contributed twenty articles to this project, including entries on:

  • Obscenity
  • Broadband
  • Cyborg Manifesto
  • Gender
  • Minitel
  • Cathedral and the Bazaar
  • Internet relay chat (IRC)
  • Bulletin board system (BBS)
  • Donna Haraway
  • Sherry Turkle