• Selfies & Social Activism Symposium. U. of New South Wales, Australia. Invited Speaker. December.
  • Jornada Internacional Geminis Journey. Sao Paulo, Brazil Keynote Speaker. May.
  • University of Pretoria, South Africa. Digital Humanities Conference, Keynote Speaker: June.
  • Microsoft Research Social Media Symposium. Invited guest. New York. January.


  • Women in the World Summit, London, England. Tina Brown World Media. Invited panelist: Selfies and Self Esteem. October.
  • Affect Theory Conference. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Invited Guest Speaker for PhD workshop entitled, “From Clickbait to Triggers: Theorizing the Grab.” October. 
  • Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Arizona. Invited speaker for panel devoted to developing a Social Justice Caucus. October.


  • Digital Labor Conference, New School University, NYC    Invited speaker. Talk title: Digital Labor and Sex Work: Let’s Set Some Research Agendas.”
  • Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Daegu, Korea. October 6-10. Organizer of three interlocked panels on “Selfie Culture.”
  • Re-Materializing Feminisms. London, U.K. June 5-8. Institute of Contemporary Art, The Showroom, & Arcadia Missa Gallery. Keynote speaker. Talk title: “Selfie Lucida.”
  • International Communication Association, Seattle, WA. Preconference on GLTB Issues. Talk title: “Epistemology of the Second Selfie.”
  • Rutgers Symposium on Social Media & Psycho-Social Well­being.” Rutgers University, New Jersey. Plenary speaker. Talk title, “When I Hear the word ‘Empower,’ I Reach for my Revolver.”


  • Studying Social Media Activism: Special Workshop. Manchester University, U.K. Keynote speaker. Talk title: “My Belongs to Me? Femen and the Trouble with Socially Mediated Shock Politics.”
  • Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Salford, UK., October 2012. Plenary Speaker Talk title: “Hating Habermas: On Exhibitionism, Shame & the Life on the Actually Existing Internet.”
  • Digcult 13 Conference, Salford University, UK. June 2012. Keynote speaker. Talk title: “Everything I Know about Internet Research Methods, I Learned from the Camgirls.”


  •  Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Seattle, WA. October 2011. Affective Labor and Teen Sexual Display on Fubar. Installation organizer: “Internet Kissing Booth.”
  • South by Southwest Interactive Conference, Austin, TX. April 2011. Panel presentation entitled, “F*cking the Old Spice Guy: Race, Gender and Micro-celebrity on Twitter.”
  • Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Ohio. May 2011. Invited speaker for conference entitled “Race, Labor and Affect on the Internet.”


  • TED Salon Event. London, U.K. November 2010. Invited speaker. Talk entitled, “Fame to Fifteen: Reframing Celebrity.”
  • Association of Internet Researchers, Sweden. October 2010. Organized panel entitled “Brand Me Online: Sustaining Personal Identity through Strategies of the Corporate.”
  •  Regularly interviewed regarding Internet studies and online culture for The New York Times, Wired, The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Sydney Morning Herald, and others.
  • Featured on New York Times Live. “Women in the World Summit: Selfies Panel” 2015
  • Featured in New York Times profile, “The Scholarship in Selfies.” 2015
  • Featured on MacArthur Foundation’s DML Central Site : Selfie Pedagogy 2016
  • Featured on “Spark” CBC Radio program devoted to micro-celebrity. Airdate 13 April 2008.
  • Featured in and consulted for documentary film, Webcam Girls (Aerlyn Weismann, director.) W Network, airdate February 2005.
  • Featured in 21C television broadcast, “Watch Me Generation.” CTV Network, airdate 3 January 2003.
  • Featured in Lingua Franca Magazine, February 2001. See Scott McLemee’s article, “I am a Camera.
  • Guest speaker, National Public Radio’s Diane Rehm Show, October 2000. Topic: Webcams and Surveillance Culture.