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Because my research interests are growing like weeds, I've broken them into the following (mostly arbitrary) divisions:

| Practice | Politics| History| Collaboration






I also have a budding interest in micro-credit and technology initiatives in developing countries. Last year, I spent a small amount of time in Ghana working with the amazing people at BusyInternet, and I'm really eager to return there, as it's a fascinating place with regard to women and technologies. If you have any experience in these matters, I'd love to talk more with you.


I'm interested in collaborating with others on a number of research projects. Some of these are things I've done preliminary interviews for. Others I'm just starting to think about. All the topics below have interested partners, but to protect their privacy, I've left them off this site (the exception is Annette Markham, who doesn't mind publicity.) If you're interested in any of these, or just think I ought to know about your work, please do drop me some email at terri.senft@nyu.edu.

  • Postcolonial theory meets new media practice: teaching college-level communications in the Anglophone Caribbean. Fieldwork to be conducted with Dr. Annette Markham in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Tele-ethicality: theory and practice.

  • Who is public? What’is an intellectual? The Web’'s effect on global pundrity and large-scale pedagogy.

  • Life off the screen: the social meanings of an African tele-center. Initial fieldwork at BusyInternet Café in Accra, Ghana. (www.busyinternet.com)

  • Burden of proof: media use in an African gender violence prevention group. Initial fieldwork begun at WISE, Accra, Ghana. (www.wise-up.org)

  • Kawaii! The rise of the Japanese “"net idol."” Preliminary English-language interviews conducted 2004.

  • Sex for sale, networked and mobile: telecommunications and the global sex trade.

  • Child sexuality and contemporary media.

  • Arab women, blogging. Fieldwork to be conducted, Dubai, U.A.E.