I am the founder of two international research networks. One studies the rise of selfie culture, worldwide. The other examines the global intersections of street, girl and mobile culture.

The Selfies Research Network, now at 3000 members, studies the social and cultural implications of the selfie. 

Our membership includes teachers, students, visual artists, reporters, and others from around the globe. Our projects include publications, conference panels, gallery installations, and teaching resources regarding the politics and aesthetics of selfie culture. 

One of the most exciting projects we’ve done has been a free, open, five-week class (including syllabus and teaching exercises) for university students studying selfies. In September and October 2014, we ran the class online with a select group of international students, and in 2015, we published our findings. 

We welcome new members! Our website is selfierearchers.com, and the fastest way to join in conversations with us is at our Facebook page.


The Hey Girl Global Network is an international network of teachers, students, & creatives studying the intersection of girl culture, street culture and mobile culture. Projects we are currently undertaking:  presenting our research at conferencesliveblogging events of interests to our members; launching Hey Girl Global Magazine in Fall 2016; and organizing meet-up groups worldwide. We welcome new members! Our website is at heygirlglobal.com, but the fastest way to join in the conversation is at our Facebook page.