this is the jazz hands while talking shot

this implies a busy lifestyle on sidewalks

this is my teacher lady picture.

     Theresa M. Senft is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media, Music, Communications & Cultural Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Prior to this she worked at New York University, the University of East London (UK), and the University of the Virgin Islands (US.) 

     Terri’s work,  which tends toward feminist, critical race and postcolonial critique, explores how social media has changed the way we produce, consume and circulate performances of ourselves, worldwide. Trained in performance studies, she tends to focus on media that features liveness in some way,  and is particularly interested in using critical theory, ethnography and memoir to unpack the politics of practices ordinarily considered apolitical, or “just for fun."

Terri recently co-edited a special issue on global selfie culture for the International Journal of Communications. Other books include Camgirls: Celebrity & Community in the Age of Social Networks; The Routledge Handbook of Social Media (co-editor); History of the Internet: A Chronology, 1843-Present (co-author) and an issue of Women & Performance devoted to the theme “sexuality & cyberspace.”     

A strong believer in the power of public, free and networked scholarship, Terri founded the founded the 3000 member international Selfies Research Network ( in 2014.  In 2016, she founded Hey Girl Global Network (, which studies the intersection of girl culture, urban culture and media culture around the world. Terri’s writing has been anthologized in many places (you can download some of her pieces for free, here.) She frequently speaks with and writes for both the advertising industry and mainstream media. Her website is at

The nice one is Cleo. The naughty one is Nero. Now you know.